Saturday, January 01, 2011

ne'erday -
a dub o boak
i the set o africa

new year's day -
a puddle of vomit
in the shape of africa


  1. Bleak picture.

    Aye John, Congratulations! I see we both got through it. Only thing I saw, apart from fireworks, was the usual debris, mainly it was beer bottle shrapnel. In another Austrian town two idiots exploded one inside a pub. Five injured. Bit of a prank that went wrong I suppose.

  2. ... and the Nile flows...

    __An picture that cannot be mistaken; well put, John.

    __We, in the last several years, have remaind home on New Year's
    Eve. A good meal, wine and talk, and relaxing... we share, Kathy and I, always a grand time!


  3. Sober for 32 years come Valentine's Day. New Year's Eve better than ever.

  4. sounds like you had grand party!

    happy new year