Monday, January 17, 2011

the bodach
hirples alang -
bonnie kirstals growe in's bluid

the old man
hobbles along -
beautiful crystals grow in his blood


  1. A bit beyond haiku's traditional boundaries, but beautiful in its way. It's important to go beyond now and then.

  2. I agree with Bill.

    ps- John, congrats on the new makar. I saw her live in Vienna a few years ago, she was with David Greenslade and others. Solid choice. I even have a book of hers, I probably must have bought it at the British Council sponsored event, True Confessions & New Cliches.

  3. sorry Gwilym - the new makar - I don't recognise this atall let me know
    aye john

  4. Sorry, I should have explained - I mean Liz Lochhead the new poet laureate north of the border - her title is makar - at least in the press.