Monday, May 29, 2006

flicht hindert
bairn greitin,faither
croons a hushie-b..a..a

flight delayed
child crying, father
sings a lullab..y..y..y
deein dou
flutherin dementit
some tak tent, ithers cannae

dying pigeon
fluttering crazily
some watch others can't

Saturday, May 27, 2006

ootlins' freends' my ain
snawy fuitprints

strangers' friends' my own
snowy footprints
throuch cluds
a leme progs
the puppie's heid fous wi licht

through clouds
a ray pierces
the poppy's head fills with light
gaein ower her scrievins -
bee eydent amang flooers

reading her letters -
bee busy among flowers
monie leids
aw at yince turn:AH!
a perk o sunflooers

many languages
all at once become:AH!
a field of sunflowers
nearhaun Assisi
speuggies feedin
frae the haun

near Assisi
sparrows feeding
from the hand
een aff the rod -
twa whitrats

eyes off the road -
two weasels
lug tae the wa
new born waggities

ear to the wall
new born wagtails
swallas jinkin
athort the winnock -
wirms still wammlin

swallows banking
across the window -
worms still wriggling
dry-stane dyke
dorbie fair prood -
cou scarts'r erse

dry-stone wall
mason so proud -
cow scratches her rump