Wednesday, November 12, 2008

brust fitbaw -
a peerie laddie's
crumpilt neb

burst football -
a little boy's
crumpled face


  1. yes! ouch!

    here we say: Aua! or Au! or Autsch!

  2. sabishii desu (that's so sad)

  3. He'll get over it.

    Good one.

  4. Been away. Trying to catch up.
    Yes, I can identify with this lovely haiku.
    Many a burst ball we had. But in those days the bladder could sometimes be repaired and the ball kicked again. The danger of course was the end of the fastening-lace catching you in the eye when you headed the darn thing. It could weigh half a ton on rain-sodden days. Drove your neck into your shoulder blades.

  5. There's a lot of it about -

    the boy next door
    calls for his football and smiles
    his deflated smile