Thursday, October 18, 2007

in the sin
streekin a gentie spyog -
the monastery bawdrons

in the sun
stretching an elegant leg -
the monastery cat


  1. Ah, yes. I saw that many times during my former life in a Buddhist monastery.

  2. Enjoyed your latest production, this one in particular. I wanted to say: how rare a sight - elegant legs in monasteries, but reading Richard's comment, one begins to have second thoughts...?:)

  3. Very good John, and I thought, I have seen something like this, and found a picture from my vacation in Czech Republic, in little village called Pivan, they even have an old monastery there, you can see a doorway at this
    and my picture Weathercat

  4. Good!
    Visited also Ashi's photo... Very fascinating.

    Ps. The cat's origin? Egyptian?


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