Tuesday, October 10, 2006

i the howe o the brainches
a leaf glents
the tirl turnin it...on...aff...

in the deepest branches
a leaf glitters
the breeze turning it ...on...off...

1 comment:

  1. Anonymous2:51 PM

    Know who's disgusting?
    Know him?
    I do.
    RON GLENTS is really RON HEVENER in the GREYHOUND RACING business ...sort of.
    And know who he works with?
    GLY on GLY ST. in GLYCO and with INGST- NEVADA...it's all called
    " APPINESS"!
    Know what the real trade is?
    CIPPE - DOGS- but not the GREYHOUNDS they all pretended.
    That wouldn't be " royal".
    It's all with CASTORES and MARGARET CHO, they say...and BEJIIGER!
    And they have their WHAMBANGOS with ZETAS 99 and that's a BERRIRO!
    Know hat they call it in YEMEN?
    Not to be confused with KIKIPOP.
    Or the movie : " KANSAS KINGS".
    Know what BUDDYKKY stands for?
    We know you do.