Friday, January 30, 2009

readin ma new 'Basho' -
a laddie DUNTS by
weirin muckle green flippers

reading my new 'Basho' -
a boy THUMPS by
wearing huge green flippers


  1. The cheek of that noisy boy THUMPING by you in his greenflippers as you quietly meditate on Basho's haiku. Where was the local constable, the pool attendant, the magistrate; that's what I'd like to know. What were they all doing about this greenflippered hooligan?

  2. A sly wink at the plopping frog. I like it, John!

  3. Thumping boys cheers me up..

    I leave my poetry to watch them :)


  4. Ah, Nora opened my eyes! --

    A green frog
    jumping into the pool --
    splashing water (on my book.)

    Ps. When a young boy I went to sauna and to swim to a local swimming pool. At first it was allowed to use flippers. My flippers were coloured black. Later those were forbidden. ;-(

  5. Would that be Jane's translation? (Basho would have been amused by the boy; Issa, perhaps even moreso.)Good one.


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