Wednesday, June 23, 2010

on heich brandering
brickies -
sin amang thair yalla helmets

on high scaffolding
bricklayers -
sun among their yellow helmets


  1. this is so trini; are you sure you're writing from a Scots viewpoint; enjoyed this so much

    much love

  2. Bright image. I love Gillena's comment.

  3. Like the two yellows.

  4. Lovely for more reasons, than doing it myself ones, now adays obey the rule, in my time the rule more guiden note.
    but this haiku made me remember how it was to be at work out in the open, free from most things, just doing what we liked to do ;)

  5. the sun
    climbing over scaffolding --
    any statutory breaks?

    I have not visited here for a many days. Now at last settling back at Turku. Unpacked all the photos from my Lapp- and Northern Norway- trip.
    Got some trouble, because my lapptop overfilled with all those photos .-(

    5 or 6 GB digiphotos, and 4000 km (= 266 ltrs 95 octane fuel)

  6. Since some time I think about line two. Is it necessary? Well, the haiku would work without. But its worth can be heard when the verses are spoken loud: especially the Scots part is fantastic!

    Best wishes