Monday, March 18, 2013

auld buits -
sonnet o a vaig
in ilk runkle

old boots -
tale of a journey
in each wrinkle


  1. I can identify with you there Jon!

  2. If only those boots could talk! Nice one John...

  3. I like this, John. I can also hear it without "tale of."

  4. ... and with respect for your good work... and with a SMILE I look at my wrinkles and refer to myself as "boot-face!" Wow... what a journey!

  5. a traveler's tale well told

    much love...

  6. aloha John. I like this. every wrinkle a story. exactly. (cool to have met you though doodle ku—i suspect in all things as we see, it is, even our slip ups a good happens, yes)

    are you playing in napowrimo? which has grown out of the Na and into InNa—or how ever they are doing it for international) aloha


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