Friday, September 07, 2012

newly come hame  - 
sheddaed in her een
a warl yit tae be neemit

new born  -
shadowed in her eyes
a world yet to be named


  1. gazeing into
    this new childs eyes
    I look out

    __Ahhh, that reflection; looking into eyes that... look out... toward the yet to be named.

    Fine one John! _m

  2. Absolutely delightful, John.

  3. From the baby's point of view my first memory is a pair of hands suddenly appearing and although I knew not what they were, the strange, as it seemed, the realization that there was some way that they could go away and return and that the viewer was somehow involved in the process. I had no sense of identity, of I'ness or of ego and of being. I only had the sense of impartially observing.

  4. newborn
    the distance
    in her gaze