Wednesday, November 23, 2011

For some time I have greatly enjoyed the haiku of the New York Haijin: Jack Galmitz
I was thrilled when Jack asked me if I'd translate some of his stuff, so here we go enjoy!

an abandoned lot: weeds tall as men, a shopping cart

a forleetit larach: growthe heich as chiels, a message cairt

an abandoned lot: a water-stained mattress, goldenrod

a forleetit larach: a watter-staint mattrass, gowdenrod

an abandoned lot: Trees of Heaven, auto parts

a forleetit larach: Treen o Heiven, caur brock

an abandoned lot: a large cardboard carton, a cooking pot

a forleetit larach: a muckle cairdboard cairton, a kettle

the moon knows not what it is I'm looking at

the muin disnae ken whit it is am leukin till


  1. Um bom conjunto. Em forma e conte├║do.

  2. A nice idea such a series.