Friday, March 23, 2007

scuil-bell - the sotter
cuils tae wammly raws
aside the stane crocodile

school-bell - the chaos
cools to wriggly lines
beside the stone crocodile


  1. Hi John - thanks for your comment / question about linking. Thanks for trying and sorry youre having problems. I see no reason why my blog in particular is causing trouble. I tested and it works for me. And I see you have added other links. Are you using new Blogger? I guess check you havent got a limit on the number of links to display? add the link and then make sure you save changes. If you need more advice feel free to email me - and feel free to delete this waffling comment when youre done.

  2. Hello!
    this work is very good. thank you
    have a good weekend

  3. It sure makes you think! :)